Innavation Of Science And Technology For Specially Abled Persons

In today’s modern world science and technology have emerged into every aspect of life. So how can the lives of the especially abled persons remain the same like untouched? The severity of many sufferings faced by the especially disabled persons can be reduced with the help of modern technology. The advancement and innovation in modern technology will help these disabled persons to lead a happy and better life.

With the invention of prosthetic for example a limb or else any other body parts, which shows the advancement in material science, neuroscience, and material science has led to the invention of the prosthetic limbs, which can be easily controlled by a human brain.  Other helpful inventions like wheel chair, to climb a stair, a chair that can replace a car seat with a wheel chair that helps the disabled person to lead a better life. These inventions are not only advancements in the science and technology but great aspects that change and transform the living of the specially disabled persons.

Science And Technology For Specially Abled Persons  Fea 1.jpg

For those people who are visually impaired, certain inventions like refreshable braille displays, wearable finger for reading, position sensing wrist bands along with the capability of providing speech assistance in navigation have rescued the people who are suffering from the visual impairment. There are also a large number of assistive technological inventions like hearing aids, cochlear inventions are hopefully available for those people who are suffering from hearing problems.

Science and technology have invented many gadgets, applications and many other things that can be used by especially disabled people.  But however, it is lagging in many aspects and up to the extent. It is also necessary to concentrate on the cost effectiveness of the products and things so that every disabled person will be able to afford it.


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