The Future Science And Technology

Mobile phones, portable communication devices similar to the “tricorder” in Star Trek, are good examples of almost evenly allocated and democratized products. Cell phones allow the common man to search for information on the go without a desktop or PERSONAL COMPUTER. It is estimated that Google Glass to be available the coming year; people can “summon at will” the power of technology. Capable of taking in encircling images and sense tone of voice and gestures, Google Glass allows users to gain access to the Web more quickly and conveniently.

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Robots and cyborgs are transforming the world on a more personal level. Self-driven cars, commonly observed in the California Area, have dispelled the notion that robots are self-contained entities. These vehicles can draw after G Maps through the web to locate their destination zones.

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For physically disabled people technology has invented things and materials that ease the life of specially handicapped people. Oscar Pistorius, an Olympic runner, overcame his years as a child amputations through bionic hip and legs. Stephen Hawking, a physicist, uses an electric tone of voice synthesizer to overcome WIE and communicate.

Military drones also have the potentials to save live, if appropriately adapted to civilian life, such as surveying incidents and rescuing burn patients. Valz predicts that robotics and society will grow even more integrated. Science and Technology will be one of the means of empowerment for humans.

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Technical advancements may even have a philosophical dimension. Valv states that we can perform a “perfect (asymptotic) recall” of the past, present, and future through technology. Comparable to the film, Becoming John Malkovich, 3D videos almost allows individual to climb into the current experience of another person. Technology also provides robust predictions of the future-the Google Map software can accurately anticipate building traffic and advise an earlier departure.