Use Of Science And Technology For Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a development that suits the needs of the modern day without compromising the potential of future generations to meet their needs as well. The needs of this current are vast and often conflicting. Today, technology plays a huge role in sustainable development in all of its aspects: interpersonal, environmental, and economic. Listed right here are a few ways to utilize technology and science in sustainable development.

  • Environmental Sustainability

Everything we need for our survival will depend on the natural environment that encompasses us. Environmental sustainability creates the conditions by which both human and nature can be found in a productive balance with each other and still being able to maintain social and economic needs. By maintaining our way of life in a way that does not deplete our resources, we are going to making sure future generations will also be capable of supporting themselves.

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  • Economic Sustainability

Financial sustainability entails various strategies that use resources, suitably and responsibly, so that balance can be achieved more than an extended period. However, there are many ways that technology can play a role in economic sustainability. Technical advances in health, business and environment provide opportunities to communities through the introduction of new careers and opportunities. So economic sustainability is one of the important factors about the appropriate use fo science and technology for sustainable development.

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  • Social Strength

Social sustainability covers a lot of ground. Many methods fundamental human rights and company governance, to the more philosophical aspect of an individual’s behaviors and attitude toward sustainability. To ensure that economic and environmental durability to work, they have first to be accepted at a social level. The interpersonal status of owning a gas-guzzling Hummer might be more important to them then choosing a crossbreed car.

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The Future Science And Technology

Mobile phones, portable communication devices similar to the “tricorder” in Star Trek, are good examples of almost evenly allocated and democratized products. Cell phones allow the common man to search for information on the go without a desktop or PERSONAL COMPUTER. It is estimated that Google Glass to be available the coming year; people can “summon at will” the power of technology. Capable of taking in encircling images and sense tone of voice and gestures, Google Glass allows users to gain access to the Web more quickly and conveniently.

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Robots and cyborgs are transforming the world on a more personal level. Self-driven cars, commonly observed in the California Area, have dispelled the notion that robots are self-contained entities. These vehicles can draw after G Maps through the web to locate their destination zones.

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For physically disabled people technology has invented things and materials that ease the life of specially handicapped people. Oscar Pistorius, an Olympic runner, overcame his years as a child amputations through bionic hip and legs. Stephen Hawking, a physicist, uses an electric tone of voice synthesizer to overcome WIE and communicate.

Military drones also have the potentials to save live, if appropriately adapted to civilian life, such as surveying incidents and rescuing burn patients. Valz predicts that robotics and society will grow even more integrated. Science and Technology will be one of the means of empowerment for humans.

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Technical advancements may even have a philosophical dimension. Valv states that we can perform a “perfect (asymptotic) recall” of the past, present, and future through technology. Comparable to the film, Becoming John Malkovich, 3D videos almost allows individual to climb into the current experience of another person. Technology also provides robust predictions of the future-the Google Map software can accurately anticipate building traffic and advise an earlier departure.

The Importance Of Science And Technology

Technology has invaded every subdivision, of modern life. That is the noise of machines, cars, mills, and factories etc. which awakens us every day in the morning. The foodstuff we eat, the clothes we wear, the books and documents we read, the recreations we like, the video games we play – all have something or other to do with the use of science.

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Every person seems the consequences of science in every sphere of life. This is not merely the electric light or the electric fan, the radio station or the cinema that displays the power of science within our everyday lives, but everything we do or is done to us is in some way yet another linked with science.

The things which we use in our daily life are mostly due to technology. Our ancestors put on clothes woven by hands. Our clothing is made to a great factories where scientific methods are used. We have so much paper to write on only because the newspaper mills can turn away vast quantities of it. Cloth and paper we had even before scientific research came in the picture, but no-one could then think of the large amounts of which they are produced now.

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A consequence of a science of human life: It is, indeed, true that technology has added tremendously to the comforts and advantages of mankind. Unless one is an ascetic, you have no reason to deny the things science offers. By conquering time and distance science has helped bring mankind together and thus significantly made life richer. Simply by inventing medicines, they have done our day-to-day existence relatively free from disease, and has, indeed, added to our length of life. Now It is clear that technology plays an important part of our daily lives.

Technologies That May Change The World

  • Eye Tribe

Eye following has been effectively examined by innovation aficionados consistently, yet it’s truly testing to execute. Be that as it may, Eye Tribe really did this. They effectively made the innovation to permit you to control your tablet, play pilot training program, and even cut fruits in Fruit Ninja just with your eye movements.

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  • Smart Things

The present issue that most gadgets have is that they work as an independent being, and it requires exertion for tech contenders to really join forces with each other and build items that can genuinely associate with each other. Smart Things is here to make your each gadget, advanced or non-computerized, interface together and advantage you.

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  • Firefox OS

iOS and Android are incredible, however they each have their own guidelines and approaches that unquestionably restrain the inventive endeavours of designers. Mozilla has since chosen to assemble another portable working framework without any preparation, one that will concentrate on genuine openness, flexibility and client decision. It’s Firefox OS.

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  • Project Fiona

Meet the original of the gaming tablet. Razer’s Project Fiona is a genuine gaming tablet worked for no-nonsense gaming. When it’s out, it will be the boondocks for the future tablets, as tech organizations might need to fabricate their own particular tablets, committed towards gaming, however for the time being Fiona is the main conceivable one that will make a big appearance in 2013.

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  • Parallella

Parallella will change the way that PCs are made, and Adapteva offers you opportunity to participate on this revolution. Basically, it’s a supercomputer for everybody. Fundamentally, a vitality proficient PC worked for handling complex programming at the same time and successfully. Continuous question following, holographic heads-up show, discourse acknowledgment will turn out to be much more grounded and more astute with Parallella.

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Emerging Technologies That Change The World In 2030

We might not know about how the technological advancement will be at the time of 2030. Hope below listed are some of the wonders of technological progress that makes human life much easier and advanced. Let us have a look at it:

Google Glass

Enlarged Reality has as of now gotten into our life in the types of reenacted investigation and training application, however, Google is making it a few strides higher with Google Glass. Hypothetically, with Google Glass, you can see web-based social networking encourages, content, Google Maps, and also explore with GPS and take photographs. You will likewise get the most recent updates while you are on the ground.

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Form 1

Similarly, as the term proposes, 3D printing is the innovation that could manufacture your computerized plan into an active, genuine item. It’s just the same old thing for the progressed mechanical industry. However, an individual 3D printer is unquestionably a developing idea.

Everyone can make their physical item in light of their handcraft, and no endorsement required from any monster maker! And Even the James Bond’s Aston Martin that was destroyed in the motion picture was a 3D printed item!

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Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality gaming is here as Oculus Rift. This history-characterizing 3D headset lets you rationally feel that you are in fact inside a computer game. In the Rift’s virtual world, you can also turn your head along with ultra-low inactivity to see the world in high-resolution display

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Leap Motion

The multi-touch desktop is a (hopelessly) fizzled item because of the way that hands could get incredibly drained with delayed utilize, yet Leap Motion needs to test this dim region again with a more propelled thought. It gives you a chance to control the desktop with fingers, however without touching the screen.

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Advanced Materials In Science And Technology

With the many exceptional things happening in the scientific research and tech worlds, it is hard to choose which to talk about. Apart from the broad aspects of technological development, listed here are some of the ongoing developments in science and technology of the advanced materials that are worth keeping your eyes on to gaze at.

  • Stem Cell Heart Generation

Initially, a human heart has been created using control cells, a significant step ahead in organ production. A couple of years ago experts rebuilt the heart of a rat using control cells; the same team is the latest breakthrough. If all moves as planned, the cardiovascular system will always grow and eventually get started beating automatically. The implications of the development are huge, including beating the problems of re-planting donated hearts.

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  • Hybrid MRI / PET Imaging

Positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging scanning could supply the broadest spectrum of analysis possible, at least by current-tech standards. MRI is particularly useful for examining smooth tissues in the body, and when combined with PET (which is better at formative evaluation) it provides incredibly detailed image resolution of organ tissue. The duo works especially well in evaluating the actual level of liver damage, as one example, without contact with high levels of the radiation. The issue is that these technologies don’t play well collectively, so integrating them is no small challenge.

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  • Nano Batteries

Scientists have developed the equivalent of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery the size of a nanowire, a large number of times smaller than a human hair. Unlike previous nanobatteries, this one is built in a nanowire. This infinitesimal power source provides nanomachines with the continuous power needed to attain whatever uses they’re designed for, such as discovering the cardiovascular system of a cardiovascular disease patient.

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Innavation Of Science And Technology For Specially Abled Persons

In today’s modern world science and technology have emerged into every aspect of life. So how can the lives of the especially abled persons remain the same like untouched? The severity of many sufferings faced by the especially disabled persons can be reduced with the help of modern technology. The advancement and innovation in modern technology will help these disabled persons to lead a happy and better life.

With the invention of prosthetic for example a limb or else any other body parts, which shows the advancement in material science, neuroscience, and material science has led to the invention of the prosthetic limbs, which can be easily controlled by a human brain.  Other helpful inventions like wheel chair, to climb a stair, a chair that can replace a car seat with a wheel chair that helps the disabled person to lead a better life. These inventions are not only advancements in the science and technology but great aspects that change and transform the living of the specially disabled persons.

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For those people who are visually impaired, certain inventions like refreshable braille displays, wearable finger for reading, position sensing wrist bands along with the capability of providing speech assistance in navigation have rescued the people who are suffering from the visual impairment. There are also a large number of assistive technological inventions like hearing aids, cochlear inventions are hopefully available for those people who are suffering from hearing problems.

Science and technology have invented many gadgets, applications and many other things that can be used by especially disabled people.  But however, it is lagging in many aspects and up to the extent. It is also necessary to concentrate on the cost effectiveness of the products and things so that every disabled person will be able to afford it.